Weekly Wisdom

A Reason to Love Wednesdays

Weekly Wisdom provides brief, evidence-based tips for improving the well-being and you and your team. These 1-page emails may be downloaded as PDFs to share in your work room. Most issues contain links to articles, podcasts, TED talks, or videos if you'd like to learn more.

Topics include individual well-being tips, better ways to work in teams, and the latest in wisdom practices.  

  • How can I be more empathetic?
  • What's a good way to establish boundaries?
  • How do we better integrate new team members?
  • Help! I'm struggling with Zoom fatigue!
  • What's the opposite of a trauma trigger & why should I care?
  • Sleep. I need sleep.

And so much more! And each issue includes a great quote because who doesn't love a great quote? The only thing we're missing are pictures of golden retriever puppies.

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Welcome to Weekly Wisdom

Assume Positive Intent

Five Senses Meditation

Who's on Your Team

Good Night, Sleep Tight

The Wisdom of Humility

Power of Empathy

Gratitude at Work

Accepting Others

Beat Zoom Fatigue

Healing Strained Relationships

Power of Nature

Five Languages of Appreciation

The Power of Social Connection

The Beauty of Multigenerational Workplaces

Growth Mindset

Awe in Healthcare

Another Kind of RAIN


Seven Kinds of Rest

Self-care for Healthcare Workers

Circle of Influence

Joy at Work

Friendships at Work

Finding Joy

Balancing Work & Life

8 Kinds of Humility

Be Happier, Like our Elders

Team-Boosting Power of Celebrations

Take a Moment to Savor

Snacking on Joy

Gel in and Breathe

4-Square Breathing

Seeds of Peace

Wise Talk

Real Self-Care

Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

Gratitude at Work

Curiosity did not Kill the Cat

Rituals are Good for our Health

Artists and Healthcare

Your Brain on Art

Imagine Your Best Life

Caring Work Environments Matter

Lessons from "SuperAgers"

Benefits of Humility

Stretch and Move at Work

Share Good News

Cheering for your Team

Reflections On Love from Little Kids

Kindness for the Win

Diversity Makes us Stronger

Be a Supercommunicator

Workplace Friendships

Curiosity and Relationships

Why We Love the Underdog

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Value in Crafting

Beauty and Awe

Appreciative Inquiry

Exercise - Everything Counts!

Thinking Like a Wise Person

Circles of Control, Influence & Concern