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You and your team are invited to participate in the HRSA grant-funded Wisdom, Wellbeing & Peer Support Training’s online, self-paced modules.

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Wisdom, Wellbeing, and Peer Support Training (WWPST) provides a comprehensive approach to fostering skills for healthcare professionals and support personnel dedicated to providing quality care to patients and families. This three-tiered training program, available to all UVA Health employees, is designed to build the capacity for resilience and peer support at the individual, workplace/practice setting and institution levels. We are happy to announce that the training portal has launched and individuals can now take the training at their convenience.

The Tier 1 modules provide an overview of the wisdom and well-being concepts, including individual awareness and strategies for responding to stressors. All workers in health care settings can increase awareness and skill building to develop insights and perspectives that can foster resilience and peer support, including the early recognition of potential stress injury in a peer or loved one. As stress within the workplace is discussed, it’s important to recognize that one of the underlying principles of the wisdom and well-being approach is that the absence of stress in and of itself is not the goal. It is how we work together, and how we can thrive within stressful work environments, that can make the important work we do meaningful.

Available online, self-paced Tier 1 modules and free CE credit (view the CE Accreditation disclaimer):

  • Wisdom & Wellbeing Approach (1 CE)
  • Wisdom Practices (1 CE)
  • Stress First Aid (1 CE)
  • Stepping In for Respect (0.5 CE)