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Welcome to Wisdom, Wellbeing & Peer Support Training!

Wisdom, Wellbeing, and Peer Support Training (WWPST) provides a comprehensive approach to fostering skills for healthcare professionals and support personnel dedicated to providing quality care to patients and families. This tiered training program is designed to build the capacity for resilience and peer support at the individual, workplace/practice setting, and institutional levels.

Basic (Tier 1): Introduction to the Wisdom and Wellbeing Approach. There are four online, self-paced modules available on the "Register" tab.

Advanced (Tier 2): Workplace Peer Support & WWPST for Leaders. These facilitated trainings are for interested team members and leaders who have completed the basic training modules.


How is this different from all the other well-being approaches that have cropped up, especially since the COVID pandemic? This approach relies on the very real knowledge of peers in the workplace. No one knows your team better than your team members.

Our approach has three core concepts, or "pillars" that distinguish it from others you may have encountered.

Pillar 1: Enhance individual resilience and interpersonal communication skills.

Pillar 2: Identify and reduce unnecessary stressors (what we call "the stupid stuff").

Pillar 3: Recognize peer stress and know how to respond effectively.