Invitation to Leaders

Thank you for your interest in leading your workforce in Wisdom, Wellbeing & Peer Support! We don't need to tell you about the challenges facing health workers today, but we can tell you about a solution. Wisdom, Wellbeing & Peer Support combines everything we know about health workforce well-being and packages it into an evidence-based, peer-lead initiative. We invite you to take advantage of the free training we offer (thanks to a HRSA-funded grant). Read more here, and please reach out with any questions ([email protected]). Our goal is to help health workers be their best together, and if you'd like to join in this mission, we're here for you. This work is so important, and we are stronger together.

For your teams:

Wisdom, Wellbeing & Peer Support Training (WWPST) provides a comprehensive approach to fostering peer support and resilience skills for healthcare professionals. This three-tiered training program is designed to build well-being at the individual, work setting, and institution levels. We offer three levels of training:

  • Tier 1: Individual awareness. All health workers can have awareness and skills to foster resilience and peer support on their unit. This includes the early recognition of potential stress injury in a peer or loved one. This level of training gives everyone a foundational understanding and vocabulary of wisdom, wellbeing & peer support. The entire training is available online in self-paced modules. This training is free and earns continuing education credits for your team members.
  • Tier 2: Workplace / Work unit Peer Support Champions. The key to the WWPST program's success is Peer Support Champions. No one knows a team better than a team member. We offer training for self-selected (or manager selected) team members who are interested in becoming a peer support champion for their team. The skills taught in this training build on the Tier 1 knowledge. Tier 2 training is generally conducted live, via Zoom or in person. This 4-hour training is typically done in two 2-hour blocks, but we can provide other options. We offer continuing education credits through the UVA Office of Continuing Medical Education. Program completers are trained to support their teams in stress first aid, wisdom and well-being, and more. They also receive a Certificate of Completion, a lapel/lanyard pin, and a blurb for their resume. The WWPST team offers ongoing support, including monthly "drop in" sessions and resources.
  • Tier 3: Institutional Commitment to Peer Support. Through a Train-the-Trainer (T3) program for an organization and its workplace/work unit teams, leaders can develop advanced WWPST skills, tailored resources, and  a capacity-building plan of action for the organization/institution. In 2024, we anticipate hosting 3 T3 sessions. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to learn more.

For leaders:

We also offer training specifically for leaders at all levels. How can you implement WWPST in your institution or workplace? How can you support existing WWPST initiatives? How can you model wisdom and well-being for your health workers? We've got you covered! The WWPST leader training is 2 hours, with 2 CE credits available upon completion. The leaders' Wisdom and Wellbeing Training includes:

  • Leader strategies to promote well-being and respond to stress injuries;
  • Strategies to address system-based stressors;
  • Wisdom communication skills for leaders; and
  • Resources that are available for leader and team well-being 

Prior to participating in the Tier 2 training, we request that leaders complete at least the first Tier 1 introductory module. The understanding of fundamental WWPST principles is necessary to fully engage in the leader training and supports the integration of wisdom and well-being actions into leadership practice. As a leader, you know the strengths and challenges of your teams. You understand what can help in the moment, and you recognize when additional support must to be harnessed. We invite you to take this journey. Email [email protected] to request or join a leader training.